Free 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3

In the dark place, where the mycoids fester and lurking slithes cling to the stones, the damp air crackles as the newborn artifact is drawn from the forge and quench-plunged in aurochs' milk. The smiths drink deep, savor the tang of mithril, and brush the clots from their beards. A new model is Made.

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The kobolds are working on implementing search. This will suck mycoids for a while.
A fully articulated 3D printed Barbie-compatible battle tardigrade? Yes, please.

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This little bauble englowifies a pirate skull’s eyes with an assist from a couple of LEDs and an Adafruit Trinket. You can read about the build process over at the blog, wherein one might learn of the eldritch powers of silicone caulk and why you need to watch your step around LiPo batteries.

The archive includes the Arduino code you’ll need to pulse the eyes, but ye be on your own with regard to purchasing the internals.