Free 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3
Zheng’s Perforated Tape Hanger

A wall-mounted tape hanger with aesthetically necessary perforations.

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A recent weekend at Make: magazine’s Maker Media Lab convinced me that the Eyrie at Zheng Labs is in desperate need of reorganization. The duergar here struggle with basic organizational skills, cash-strapped kobolds are constantly pawning my hookup wire, and don’t even get me started on the haystack of complimentary hex wrenches I just can’t bear to throw away.

If you’re doing FDM and you’re not printing on PEI or perfboard, you’ve probably got a box of tape somewhere. Painters’ for PLA, Kapton for ABS, and of course, duct and, for those who have om-ed their way into Tape-Based Enlightenment, gaffer for holding things together. Enter, if you please, Zheng’s Perforated Tape Hanger.

A word about the design. Voronoi? VERY 2013. It’s all about cylindrical negative space now, kids. No reason for these holes except to introduce gratuitous complexity and make a mundane hanger into a slightly more attractive object.

And to test Maya 2015’s boolean modeling features, which I’m happy to report are light-years ahead of their crash-prone predecessors.

It comes in two sizes, one for gaffer/duct and one for 35mm painters’ tape. And! It’s got printed holes for mounting because say it with me, folks: Everything’s Better With Drywall Screws.