Free 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3
Zheng’s Desktop Bungee

Lash items securely with elastic bands.

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Here at Zheng Labs we have become obsessed (well, more obsessed) with organization of late, what with the Next Thing sucking up a tremendous amount of encephalic fluid and too. much. stuff. all over the workbench and the printing floor and the desktop and Crom, where did we put those Sharpies?

Never ones to let simpler solutions suffice where a 3d printer could be used instead, the duergar have hammered together a handful of free-range vertices into Zheng’s Desktop Bungee.

Use wherever a simple elastic band won’t do, especially where you can’t access over the ends of your target object: pipes, balusters, monkey bars, first generation Replicators, et al.