Free 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3
Bloxen, Bramble

Bloxen for the Seej Dryads player race.

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“The dryads defend the remains of their glades with passion unmatched by


—Qie Zi, The Art of Seej

I’ve long wanted to design a model that would be difficult to manufacture with traditional means. Most of the other bloxen I’ve designed could in theory be sculpted, injection-molded, or cast, but I’m thinking you’d have a hard time getting any of those processes to work for the Bramble Bloxen.

I also wanted to push the capabilities of my FDM printers. I’ve tried to design it with internal supports and minimal overhangs, but I’m sure I missed a >45° vine or two somewhere in the tangle.

Kestenbaum the squirrel is perched on a half-buried skull, but other Easter Eggs are nestled within the thicket. Download the model and poke around the geometry yourself, or view screencaps from the modeling process.

Printing with high infill and/or at least 2 shells is recommended for strength so your nozzle doesn’t snag the top layer of a vine and break it off during the print.

The thorny tenons at the top of this gratuitously complex bloxen will interlock with other Seej-standard models.

*Flagrant stagecraft alert*: the bloxen in this photo is printed at 200% scale. I’m waiting until I get a next-generation FDM printer before I try this again at 1:1.