Free 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3
Bloxen, Cryptstone

There be a steaganographic puzzle within.

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“Keeping one’s true intentions hidden is best.”

—Qie Zi, The Art of Seej

There’s a password to a secret Seej model hidden inside the data for the Cryptstone Bloxen. The secret model isn’t available on Thingiverse, and only those who break the code can find it.

Cryptanalysis geeks, covert operators, and NSA employees will find the code trivially easy to crack, what with all their fancy algorithms and server farms and such, but the rest of us can probably do it with pencil, paper, and some sweet, sweet brain grease.

The door to The Crypt stands covered in dust at The model lies beyond the door.

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Good luck. Glory XOR doom awaits you.

The bloxen_cryptstone_stego.stl is the download for those who want to prove their codebreaking chops. This block will probably print, but your slicing software is likely to squawk at you. Run it through netfabb to make sure it’s clean before you try to print. Cleaning the model will wipe out the password.

If you’d rather just have the model without the muss and fuss associated with embedded crypto, download bloxen_cryptstone_clean.stl instead.

If you do manage to crack the code, don’t post the password!