Free 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3
Bloxen, Quickstone

A bloxen designed for rapid printing.

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“A hasty defense is superior to no defense at all.”

—qie Zi, The Art of Seej

The Quickstone bloxen is designed with paper-thin walls and internal supports to print as rapidly as possible. My best time on a Replicator 1 with default firmware and ReplicatorG is 27 minutes.

The internal supports on the Quickstone are built for the limitations of an FDM printer, but could probably be deleted if you didn’t have to worry so much about gravity during the printing process.

Can you knock Lao Zheng off the mountain?

First, download the Quickstone bloxen. Then email me with the deets on your slicer, your printer, and your results. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Here are the settings I used:

Replicator1 Dual (using single head)

Infill: 0%

Layer Height: .3mm

Shells: 1

Feedrate: 75 mm/s

Travel Feedrate: 75mm/s

Print Temperature: 240°C

HBP Temp: 110°C

ABS natural

A few rules:

We’re on the honor system here. No fibbing.

  • Print one bloxen at a time, at 1:1 scale.

  • Slicing time is not included in your total.

  • The bloxen must print in one piece.

  • The bloxen must be usable in a Seej match. If it can’t withstand a

    firm squeeze, it’s no good.

  • you can modify the bloxen’s geometry, but under the terms of the CC

    license you must make derivatives available to others. I can host

    your model in The Forge , or I’ll link to

    the site of your choice.

Have at thee!