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I’m assuming that all 1/2? PVC is cut from the same thicket off the coast of South Carolina, but you may need to scale the diameter of your rings by some constant factor.

I noticed some variance in the internal diameter of my PVC, so I designed the finial and butt spike with some wiggle room. You’?ll be filling that space with adhesive anyway.

The rings should be snug but I recommend adding a drop or two of glue to hold them in place once you have them in position. They’re not completely necessary but they will keep your flag from sliding down the mast.

The butt spike is fairly dull and is designed so that the flag can be snatched from the ground by a running 7-year-old. Don’t plant the flag too deeply.

Use whatever cloth you have handy for the flag. An old t-shirt works great and won’t require any cutting if you tie the sleeves to the mast.