Free 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3
Zheng3 Battle Axe Hairsticks

Lovely hairsticks for your next trip to the Renfaire.

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No lady should walk the woods unprepared for conflict. This version will last you through a quick jaunt to the Renaissance Faire, but if you really want to wow the wenches or bring the jarls to the yard you’ll want a bronze or gold set from Shapeways.

They’re more elegant and durable than their ABS-printed counterparts.

Just print and coif, though it wouldn’t hurt to brush the shafts with sandpaper before milady puts these in her hair.

Flagrant stagecraft alert: The lovely and talented Mrs. Zheng3 is modeling an earlier prototype, coated in gold leaf. The version you’ll download is slightly thinner with a more effective taper.

You can get an inexpensive (imitation) gold leaf kit off Amazon for a few bucks.

There are two STLs in the zip. The sprue version is for people having trouble with a long, skinny print: it adds a little surface area to keep the end of the stick from curling. Just trim it off with your preferred blade and sand the burrs.